Category: Shave Soap

Shaving should be a joy.

That is where we started. Shaving need not be a chore. After years and years of putting off shaving and performing the chore I discovered a new way to shave. Put down the 5-blade super vibrating in-grown hair machine that you’ve been using. Pick up a double edged safety razor and discover what your grandpa knew.

Part of the joy is a brush and a puck of high quality shave soap.

Our shave soap is the result of years of crafting and mentoring by experts. We are not shy about having benefited from experts around the world while formulating our soap.

All the artisan craftsmanship in the world can’t overcome mediocre ingredients. We scoured the globe seeking the highest quality oils to use for our soaps. What we found is organic, ethically sourced jojoba oil that is the finest quality money can buy. Yes, we use other high quality organic oils in the process, but jojoba is our cornerstone.