How to render tallow for soap

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What the heck is tallow?
Tallow is what you get when you melt fat. In this case I am making beef tallow by melting (or rendering) beef fat that has been ground into small pieces.

What is tallow used for?
Tallow has been used for centuries, maybe millennia for many things including cooking, candle-making, and even as skin lotion. I am using this tallow to make shave soap. Tallow has certain specific properties that lend it to soap making and particularly making shave soap. Shave soap requires an unusually thick lather that lasts an unusually long time. Tallow helps with this.

How long does it take to render tallow?
Rendering tallow must be done slowly and at a relatively low temperature in order to avoid burning the fats. I spend between 1-2 hours rendering a small batch of tallow. If I really wanted to get all the oil out of the fat I could spend even more time, but in small batches it doesn’t make much difference in the final yield.

I used this tallow to make an amazing shave soap. I am so sure you’ll love it that I’ll give you a full refund if you’re not entirely pleased.

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