Unscented Men’s Products

Unscented Shaving Oil, Unscented Shaving Soap, Unscented Beard Oil

At All Natural Shave we produce the highest quality natural products. We understand many people are sensitive to fragrance so we provide a full line of unscented men’s products. We will never use chemical fragrance in our products. We know that sensitive skin or eczema can be painful and difficult to manage. We strive to provide the highest quality, pure products available anywhere on earth.

By using whole, natural, and pure ingredients in our blends we ensure you know exactly what is in the bottle.¬†We respect your health and believe accurate, honest labeling is one way to show it. You can be certain that if it’s not listed on the label, it’s not in the product.

Due to our products being organic, some will have a slight natural scent. We do not use chemicals to neutralize smell nor do we use hyper processed ingredients.

All of our products are also alcohol free.

Essential Oil Scents

We do produce scented products. They are clearly labeled as such to avoid confusion.

When we use scent in products, we only use organic essential oils. Our goal from the beginning has been to provide products for people with sensitive skin. With that in mind, even when we do utilize essential oils we always tend toward milder. That is our brand. There are lots of people making heavily scented products if that is what you prefer.