Ultimate Softening Beard Balm


Bearded men hear my words! Stop smearing your beard with chemicals or risk angering your beard. Hark! A new day has dawned and it is the day of All-Natural Goodness! Rise and apply this healing balm to your beard that it may be soft, smooth, yet never weak!

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Ultimate Softening Beard Balm

This handcrafted Beard Balm is guaranteed to give you a softer and more manageable beard. Made with beeswax, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and the highest quality organic jojoba oil we’ve ever found. You could say we’re in love with this balm and you’d be right. We even have heard women have taken to using this as a skin balm and callous softener. As soon as you massage some onto your beard you’ll understand why.


Scrape a small amount onto the back of your thumbnail and massage it in your hands until it softens. Rub this goodness into your beard and mustache and you’re ready to go.

Off Label Uses

This stuff is good for all kinds of things. Need a great all-natural pomade? You just found it. Dry chapped hands? Not anymore. Tough calloused heals? Rub a little of this on there and you’ll be amazed at how kissable your feet are (yeah, I said it).

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