Sandalwood Beard Oil


Conditioning, moisturizing, taming, and thickening. Our premium hand-crafted beard oil is made with all natural, organic ingredients.

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Sandalwood Beard Oil

Yup. This is the real-deal sandalwood essential oil. We tried A LOT of sandalwood essential oils before we found one that hits it right on the nose… You may not be aware of this but sandalwood essential oil is super expensive and the market is flooded with fakes so we have to go to some pretty crazy lengths to make sure we have the real and best sandalwood essential oil for our blessed beard oil.

Sandalwood happens to me one of my favorites (along with Nag Champa). It’s a smooth woody scent that is sweet without being cloying. Let’s just suffice it so say that if you like sandalwood you’re going to love OUR sandalwood beard oil.

And as always your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!


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